Hi, I'm Oguzhan.

I'm a computer engineer from Turkey. I'm currently working at Nextlua as a front-end developer.

I have a strong interest in design and web technologies. I've been coding since 2016 and genuinely enjoy this job. Although I worked as a full-stack developer for about three years, I found my true passion in front-end development. I specialize in this field because I genuinely enjoy it. Additionally, I work on individual projects where I handle both front-end and back-end development.

A little about me: I was born in Kocaeli in 1996, and I distinctly remember declaring my ambition to become a computer engineer when I was just six years old. I pursued this dream and graduated from Fırat University's Computer Engineering department in Elazığ. During my university years, I took on various jobs, and I even started my own business, which was a valuable learning experience despite the challenges it posed.

After university, I had the opportunity to live in several different cities, and I currently reside in Bursa. I have a deep love for travel and a strong passion for motorcycle riding. I don't put much stock in horoscopes; instead, I place my trust in science. I enjoy conducting research and have a keen interest in psychology and philosophy.